The South Interlake Planning District (SIPD) is a partnership between the Rural Municipalities of Rockwood and Rosser, and the Towns of Stonewall and Teulon.

The SIPD provides planning and building development services for the District. The SIPD's responsibilities include the adoption, administration and enforcement of the SIPD Development Plan for the District, the administration and enforcement of SIPD's member municipal Zoning By-Laws and Secondary Plans, and the administration and enforcement of SIPD's member municipal Building By-laws.

The District has an area of approximately 1,588 square kilometres with a total population of 15,952 (based on 2021 Statistics Canada Census). The Planning District is located immediately northwest of the City of Winnipeg along Provincial Trunk Highways No. 6 and 7, and abuts the municipalities of Headingley, St. Francois Xavier, Woodlands, Armstrong, Gimli, St. Andrews, West St. Paul and the City of Winnipeg. Provincial Trunk Highways No. 67 and 101 (Perimeter Highway) serve as the major east-west transportation routes.
South Interlake Planning District