Mobile homes have evolved from trailers and are now longer, heavier and more robust in their construction. Because they are seldom moved once placed on a property, as much planning should go into the installation of a mobile home as would be needed for a site built home.

Mobile homes (sometimes referred to as "Modular Homes") are transported in one piece, have a steel base, removable hitch, CSA number, and do NOT go on a permanent foundation, i.e - full basement or crawl space foundation. True modular homes are different than mobile homes. Modular homes are meant to be installed on a permanent foundation, while mobile homes are meant to remain movable. Modular homes are in the same category as an RTM Home, however, be aware that not all areas of the Planning District allow dwellings that resemble mobile homes. 

All mobile homes shall conform in all respects to the CAN/CSA-Z240 MH Series of Standards and shall be complete structurally with the entire plumbing, electrical and heating services installed. They are heat recovery ventilator (HRV) exempt.

The following information shall be marked in English in a permanent and readily visible manner in the interior of the mobile home:
  • CSA number or Manitoba Department of Labour certificate number;
  • Manufacturer’s name and address;
  • Model;
  • Serial number;
  • Year of manufacture;
  • Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR);
  • Ground snow load and roof design snow load;
  • Principal Heat Source;
  • Make & Model of Hot Water Tank.

To confirm whether or not the intended development is permitted within the proposed zone, please Click Here to view the applicable Zoning By-Law, or contact the SIPD.
Click Here to apply online through Cloudpermit. Click Here to find out more information about Cloudpermit.

Mobile Home Building Permit applications must include:
  • Completed application form (required for paper applications) (Click Here for PDF);
  • Detailed site plan (Click for PDF) and Floor Plan with all rooms labeled;
  • CSA number, Year, Make, Model;
  • Accurate foundation plan in compliance with CAN/CSA-Z240 MH Series of Standards, or designed by a Professional Engineer (registered in the Province of Manitoba);
  • Letter of authorization is required if you are applying on behalf of the landowner (Click Here for PDF);
  • Status of Title(s) for all land subject to the application. The Status of Title(s) cannot be more than 30 days old. The Status of Title(s) can by acquired from your lawyer, the Winnipeg Land Titles Office (Teranet Manitoba), or by purchasing them directly from the SIPD office (Click Here for PDF). Additionally, a letter from your lawyer may be required if the property is in the process of being transferred to your name;
  • Lot grade and driveway/culvert permits (processed by the municipality);
  • Total construction value (i.e., final project costs including all material and labour);
  • Sewer and water connection fees (processed by the municipality). Please contact Manitoba Conservation and Climate regarding requirements for a proposed septic tank and/or well if municipal services are not available;
  • Application Review Fee and/or Development Permit Fee. Additional Permit Fees and Construction Security Deposit are required (as applicable) in accordance with the SIPD’s Fee Structure By-Law prior to permit issuance (Click Here for PDF);
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant / owner to satisfy or adhere to any Development Agreement requirements that may pertain to the property. Some requirements may need to be fulfilled prior to the SIPD’s issuance of permits.

Electrical Permits are obtained through Manitoba Hydro.
If the proposed development is located adjacent to a Provincial Road or Highway, an additional permit may be required from the Province (Manitoba Infrastructure) when applying for a permit from the SIPD.
Please note that incomplete applications will not be accepted.